Ceramic objects have held an integral role in daily life throughout human history. Whether actively used or simply admired, we as humans have developed different associations and memories with these objects. In my work, I strip utilitarian forms down to a three-dimensional line drawing, creating objects that are familiar but lack surface information. The resulting work draws upon the memories and associations of the viewer.

            Through this work I am considering my relationship with ceramics, not only with the objects that I use but also through my heritage. Utilizing extruded pieces of bone-dry clay, I assemble scaffolding-like structures into “silhouettes” of traditional Korean ceramic forms. The resulting vessel becomes a self-portrait. By creating a Korean ceramic form that is devoid of surface information, it becomes a visual metaphor for my growing up Asian American without Korean language or culture. I want the viewer to look at the vessel and consider what they don’t know about it. Much like meeting a new individual, there is more to understand beyond appearance.